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Self Defense Products for Personal Protection

Self-defense refers to actions taken by a person in Orlando KY 40460 to stop another person from causing harm to one’s self, one’s property or one’s home. Self-defense is also a commonly understood legal term in United States law used to classify an act of violence as being justified against an unjustified assailant, and therefore deserving of little or no punishment.

While the debate regarding the use of firearms continues, other types of non-lethal self defense weapons are available for your protection. There are a number of self defense devices that you can legally use to protect yourself against an assault. Defense products like a stun gun, pepper spray, or personal alarm in Orlando KY 40460 when used correctly can give you the tactical advantage of surprise. However, these products are not intended to permanently overpower the assailant so don’t wait around waiting for police to arrive. Make your escape quickly and report the attack immediately. You will want your story to be heard first in Orlando KY 40460.

Before you buy a self defense product, check with your local laws regarding any legal issues. If the product is illegal in your state then you could end up in jail. Furthermore, only use the self defense product when you are being assaulted and your safety (or life) is at stake. Using it to intimidate someone may also be considered against the law. Your rights concerning self defense and the weapon you use will differ from state to state. However, the law is quite consistent in determining that you have a right to defend yourself against physical attack. While avoiding a dangerous situation is certainly best, it is not always possible. If you are put into a situation where you are forced to use a self defense weapon, always cooperate with the police by providing honest and complete information. Make sure you give them the details of the situation and the self defense weapon you used in Orlando KY 40460.

There are numerous self defense products that are legal in most states. These comprise of personal alarms, tasers, stun guns, pepper spray, tear gas, and batons, but each are subject to state laws. These devices are legal to own in most states. Some states require a permit to carry and/or use a few of these items. Each state has its own laws, which clearly defines the guidelines for owning, carrying and/or using a self defense product.

Do you find yourself inundated by the number of self defense products available? Enroll in a self defense program through your community center or local community college, and ask your instructor what he or she recommends. You can also do a lot of your own research by researching the internet, self defense books & videos to see what is suggested. When begin shopping for a self defense product, ask questions and decide what you feel most comfortable using for protection in Orlando KY 40460.

If you are uncomfortable carrying a self defense weapon, a good alternative might be a long, sturdy flashlight. This is not truly a weapon so you decrease your chances of facing legal problems due to carrying a concealed weapon. Carrying this with you may come in handy in a dangerous situation where sometimes just shining a light in a would-be attacker’s eyes may be enough to scare them away. If that doesn’t work, you may be able to use it as a weapon by hitting an assailant with it. Some flashlights come with alarms that can be set off during an attack. A great advantage of using a flashlight as a self defense weapon is that it can be easily carried in your car or in a tote bag and converted to a weapon when needed.

Self Defense Products for the Home in Orlando KY 40460

The most essential self-defense products for the home are ones that stop a burglar before they enter the home. A number of perimeter defense products discourage possible invaders before they enter your home.

Motion, infrared alarms and lights are the first line of defense. One of the best alarms on the market are the “auto dial” phones. These phones have a motion alarm that triggers an automatic dial of any number you choose. Some even have a recording device that records the intruder.

Door wedges and bars are also used to stop most intruders. These wedges brace against doors and windows, preventing intruders from opening the entrance to your home.

A high risk home might use battery operated and wireless alarms that call the police. You can even purchase a motion sensor alarm that dispenses a UV dye, marking intruders so police can identify them later.

Wireless alarms have become more popular recently because they are simple to operate, affordable, and portable. Apartment residents can easily use wireless, battery operated alarms and they can take it with them when they move. Just be sure to keep fresh batteries in them!

Learn about personal security options in your area in Orlando KY 40460 by talking to local law enforcement. Many people don’t take this extra step, but by talking to the experts on crime, you can find out what works best to keep criminals from turning you into a victim. Get advice on a range of personal safety equipment including a personal safety alarm, lock or other self defense weapons. Your personal safety is just as important to your local law enforcement as it is to you.

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