Self Defense Products in Burgess VA 22432

Self defense products in Burgess VA 22432 have become one of the most valuable assets these days. These are necessary tools to carry around at all times. The increasing crime rate has made it necessary for general public to take special care of personal protection and self defense. No wonder the self defense industry in Burgess VA 22432 is busy introducing new products on a daily basis these days. From stun guns to pepper sprays, the market is flooded with some superb self defense options in Burgess VA 22432.

If you are seriously looking for a small self defense product go for the hot shot stun gun. This is an exceptional device as it has been packed with some impressive features. These features include the following:

Power: When it comes to power, this stun gun is equipped with fabulous 975,000 volts. This makes it the best and the strongest among the rest.

Price: A product should always pose as an all-rounder to the user in Burgess VA 22432. This means that it should be a combination of excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. At $64.95, this stun gun offers best value to the users.

Warranty: A stun gun is not impressive for a user if it does not carry warranty with it. The Hot shot gun is available with lifetime warranty. This makes the product reliable and worth every nickel and dime you spend to purchase it.

Size: This stun gun measures 3 inches tall. This makes it one of the world’s smallest stun guns. You would be surprised to know that it is smaller than some cell phones available on the market. This is an impressive feature because it makes it easy to conceal and carry around. It is also user friendly. You would not face any difficulty when using it.

The hot shot stun gun is available with 3 dynamic lithium batteries. A stainless steel belt clip has also been included in the package. The belt clip makes it easier for you to carry around. This device looks like a pager or cell phone. It is designed in a sleek form. The gun also features a safety switch and an illuminated red light. These features signal you the right time to unleash hell on your attacker in Burgess VA 22432.

If you have been hunting for a quality and reliable personal security device, the hot shot gun will be a great choice for you and is one of the best nonlethal self defense products there is. It ensures 100 per cent safety for you and never lets you down in Burgess VA 22432.

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